Baking Day-Sweet Potato and Honey Bread

This recipe is by far my most favorite quick bread recipe EVER. I first made it a few years back and fell in love. It's healthy, it's sweet, it's savory, and it's the perfect companion to a cup of tea on a sunny morning.

Get the recipe for Sweet Potato Bread with Flaxseed and Honey. I tend to leave out the flaxseed for no other reason than it's the most expensive part of the recipe that I don't normally have on hand. I sometimes shy away from bread recipes because of too many ingredients or time required to make it. But this recipe comes together pretty quickly (other than baking time). It's so easy! And freezes really well...make it in bulk and keep it in the freezer for later! My next iteration? Turning this into muffins instead of loaves of bread...

smitten kitchen

After living in seven (yes, seven) places since moving away from home four years ago, I'm finally settled in a brand new apartment with a lease that lasts over a year. It's a good feeling to know that I can finally call this place home.

All of this Martha-Stewarting has made me want to cook like crazy. Why go out when I can make something at home that I've never tried before?! So of course,  I went on a recipe search. And in the process, I found my new favorite food blog...Smitten Kitchen. The cook/photographer/food lover Deb has received more awards and kudos for her beautiful blog than I can count, and it's well worth it. She has a recipe for everything you can possibly think up-and it's all mouth watering-ly photographed.

These are the next ones I'm trying...apparently I'm on a baking kick...

and my all time favorite baked good (at least for the moment)...lemon bars

Seriously. Go take a look. You'll definitely find something for dinner tonight.

Dante Terzigni Illustration

After seeing his work on Etsy's homepage the other day, I had to see more of Dante Terzigni's illustrations. They're amazing, hands down. Terzigni has done work for Target, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, among many other artistic clients, and if you check out his website, you'll see why! These are just a few of my favorites, but he's got many more that reflect his aesthetic just as beautifully!

burberry prorsum, fall 2012

I've always drooled over Burberry, but the most recent runway show made my jaw drop. The colors! The tailoring! The layering! Plus, who doesn't love a good mix of stripes, florals, and bows for good measure?


sometimes when I just can't quite figure out why things are going in a certain direction, I just have to remember to tell myself...

via I've lost count

Wall Decor Inspiration

I'm a sucker for over-sized wall art and an uplifting quote. Looking through my images on Pinterest, I've realized just how much of an obsession this is! I've been planning an art project for some time now...I've finally got all the supplies, now I just need a day off to put them to into action!

These are some of the images that have inspired me for this project...keep an eye out next week for a tutorial for subway sign wall art!

2. 91 Magazine via decor8

Installation Art by Leando Erlich

In my sophomore year of college, my photography teacher told me "Nothing new can be done with art. It's all been done before. So stop trying to be unique and just do it well." Needless to say, he wasn't my most inspiring teacher and I ended up taking a year off of photography courses because of him. (The best part? Last year, I saw his work in a photo book at Urban Outfitters. Unique and fine artsy? Not so much.)

I always think of him whenever I see art that goes beyond the bounds of creativity and into some other realm...that of a truly inspired artist. When I saw this post on Black*Eiffel, I immediately knew that my professor was wrong. Art is all around us, we just need to know how to make it our own.

Installation artist Leandro Erlich is one of those people. For his piece B√Ętiment, on display at Le 104 in Paris, Erlich uses an enormous mirror to reflect a house installed on the ground, giving participants the illusion that they are hanging off of windows and ledges. Not only is it an amazing work of art, but it's interactivity and amusement bring art to a much wider audience.